Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pastrami on Fry with a Side of Lipitor

For those of you from the Mid West who think the Bay area’s food scene is comprised of Chez Panisse and micro greens, Check this review out….

The Deep-Fried Twinkie and Pastrami Shop.

Having garnered a local cult following, this guilty pleasure occupies two corners of the convenience store at a Valero station that sells Fremont’s lowest cost gas. Its menu includes deep-fried hot dogs and sandwiches, deep-fried Hostess treats, and deep-fried cookies. Some customers bring over their convenience- store purchases for a quick fat- bath.

From Whole Foods,say,or even Trader Joe’s this is another universe, where Hostess cupcakes are dipped not entirely into batter, then fried such that their distinctive chocolate-with-white- squiggle frosting stays untouched. Deep-fried, a Twinkie loses the angle-cake lightness that was once its signal quality and becomes something darker, something loaded.

Owner Steve Yankos and his family make their batter, chili, gravy, and more, and give deep-fried cuisine a certain dignity.

Not everything here is deep-fried(although the bacon wrapped hot dog is): Hot and cold sandwiches abound, but vegetarians are out of luck.

As the contemporary philosopher, Joey Soprano has stated, You can’t make up this kinda shit ...

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